Friday, October 28, 2005

Now Im dead I will do almost anything to pass the time but even I get bored sometimes.

The person who runs this blog is one of the dullest people alive. His first name is Jeremy. Hes a solicitor but he seems to spend much of his time slandering some of my favorite media people including Andrew Bolt. In between these stories are photographs of his garden and boring posts about his life as a legal eagle.

One of Jeremys side projects is another blog he calls Boltwatch. The rightwingers have swooped on it like investers on my stockmarket tips and are cramming the comments with insults for Jeremy. Underneath the blog title is the blogs motto - "Where Andrew Bolt's Deranged Polemic ... Gets What's Coming To It". Last time I looked the Herald Sun sold more than 400,000 copies a day. According to Jeremys own site statistics he gets about 100 unique visitors a day. Thats giving Bolt whats coming to him Jeremy!

Jeremy is everything thats wrong with lefty bloggers. Hes got his elite private school education, his elite job and his nice house in the eastern suburbs. He spreads his stupid opinions on the internet but wouldnt dream of getting involved in politics because its to much like hard work and he thinks his opinion is worth something because hes such an important man.

Youll be hearing alot more about Jeremy and his friends on this blog so keep watching. If Jeremys nice to me I wont tell you all more about him.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Before I went to the big brokerage in the sky, lefties were quite indulgent about my choice of lifestyle but were less supportive of my flashy wealth and love of life in the fast lane.

So this blog is my revenge on all the lefty bloggers of the world who would rather we live in a collective than encourage free enterprise and equality of opportunity.

As Im tearing a few of these lefties down I hope to inflict a few cigar burns on the way.