Sunday, December 11, 2005

You remember my good friend Mr Lefty, aka Jeremy Sear? Well I discovered tonight that for some reason he was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Heralds entertainment blog about defamation and blogging. They didnt quote him in the article, probably because hes so dull he made the journalist want to hang himself in his mothers flat (as is all the rage in Sydney these days thanks to moi) but they did at least include his responses in a text file at the end of the post.

I found this bit interesting -

3. Have you had any legal threats?

No, although my former employer (a law firm) did find out about the blog and demanded I shut it down. I hadn't been entirely discreet, so I did, only to restart it with a slightly different name and being careful not to mention anything that could be traced back to me directly. (Particularly not talking about work.)

Yes, the "law firm" Jeremy is talking about was only Victorian Legal Aid, but it sounds much more fancy and impressive when you call it a "law firm", doesn't it? And he didn't write about them much when he started his new blog - he just canned his boss a few times and whined about how the Victorian Legal Aid logo looks like the word "no" when turned on its side. I'm sure they would have been fine with that.

Then there's this -

4. How have you responded to these threats?

By being anonymous. I have two blogs, anonymouslefty and boltwatch. BoltWatch in particular is highly political and concentrates on one public figure in particular. I am conscious of Andrew Bolt having in the past made remonstrations to a blogger's employer after feeling that he'd been unfairly criticised, so I am very careful not to have my name directly linked to either of my blogs.

Jeremy Sear is anonymous so Andrew Bolt doesn't find out who he is? Lets hope Mr Bolt cant use Google. Then again maybe he already knows........