Monday, November 28, 2005

Im sorry Ive neglected this blog recently, but even deceased stockbrokers take holidays. I have just returned from a few weeks with my good friend Gina Rineheart. I spent a good deal of time on her private yacht, fisting her man-servant and dining on the freshest shrimp in the west. I was so relaxed I didn't even need to break out my solid gold worry beads once.

Alas I have returned to the daily grind that is purgatory in Sydney, so you can expect to here more from me soon.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My good friend Mr Lefty is a silly little man - a desirable attrirbute if your a sexually permissive house boy but not desirable anywhere else. In recent posts hes suggested the anti-terrorist raids have been a hoax to divert attention from other matters such as the industrial relations laws. This arrogant little man took time out from his regular posts about his garden and his glittering legal career to post about this? Does he think that Mr Howard lied to the state premiers, ASIO, state police forces and a range of other authorities, and that all those people swallowed the lie and arrested 16 completely innocent people, as a diversion? Mr Lefty should watch what he writes. I might not reveal his identity here - I might give it to ASIO and give him a holiday in Guantanamo Bay.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yobbo is right about Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett, a stupid lefty who helped kill his party with his drunken antics a few years ago. This man and his party allowed a flawed, confusing version of the GST through the Senate and helped seal the fate of the party at the last federal election. The GST was unpopular but I didn't mind - at least until I tried to buy packets of Wee Willems at the Silverwater Prison kiosk with only a few coins in my pocket, and they didn't accept my Gold Amex.

Now Bartlett says John Howards control of the parliament is more dangerous that Muslim fundamentalists and that his new industrial and antiterror laws are undermining the constitution.

Yobbo says "In Andrew Bartlett’s opinion, John Howard introducing bills that Andrew Bartlett doesn’t like is the equivalent of beheading innocent schoolgirls and blowing up buildings full of people. All we can hope is that when the Liberal-backed Australian Liberation Army of Disgruntled Divorced Fathers finally put their murderous plans into action, they remember these infidel words and saw Andrew Bartlett’s head off first."

Bartlett forgets its largely the fault of his own party that John Howard can do what he likes. Like all the other lefties he has to accept the decision of the people at the election.

Over the course of my life I spent many an hour at Liberal Party functions greasing the palms of the people who shared my love of the finer things in life so I know a great deal about the political process. One of the things that has always irritated me abouit lefty bloggers is that they refuse to participate in politics.

An example is Marieke Hardy, the script writer from Last Man Standing. Shes always ready to dismiss John Howard and presents herself as a very cool inner suburban woman who is in touch with her sexuality. In her latest smutty post she claims Angry Anderson wants a pair of her soiled underpants. It is true that I handed many a pair of soiled underpants to certain North Shore Liberal MPs in return for favours but that is another story.

Like many lefty bloggers she would never work on an election campaign. Shell bleat about the system and the Liberals but would never think of supporting her side by making letter drops or stuffing envelopes or supporting a fundraiser. I loved Liberal Party fundraisers. With a couple of Shirley Temples under his belt and a few $100 dollar notes stuffed in his trousers, Tony Abbott always showed us his wild side.But like her communist grandfather author Frank Hardy she knows and loves a dollar when she sees it. She is one of the people behind the Polichicks range of leftwing womens underwear that will bring John Howard and the system down any day now.